jueves, 23 de julio de 2009


"Hey guys!!

I just came back from a 7 hour bus drive, as I went to paris in order to meet Shaki so I'm really tired now but I wanted to keep you guys up to date so here is my story:

I arrived in paris at 6 o clock in the morning, then went straight away to her hotel and waited for a really long time, I was worried that she was't going to leave the hotel at all that day.
and around 3 o clock some more fans started showing up.
then at about 5 o clock, Antonio walked out of the hotel and I walked into him and I took a picture with him- then he took a cab and drove off(alone, not with Shakira)
the at a quarter past 5, Shakira's personal Assistent opened the entry door of the hotel and Shakira was behind her and they came out, she was wearing gym clothes.
I ran into her and hugged her and told her a few things, I didn't have a real conversation because it was all so hectic and there were more fans.
then I took a picture of the two of us, by myself and luckily I pointed the camera at both of us lol
then my friend Frank(who I went to Paris with) asked her if she's planning on coming to the Netherlands and she said yes, yes! with a smile on her face.
then she took a picture with him, and another french girl and she signed some autographs(I didn't get one because I prefered to have a picture with her, rather that having an autograph)
then she got into the car and they left.
She didn't return until 11 o clock at night, when I left Paris.
But Antonio returned and I gave him some presents, and letters for Shakira in a bag- and he thanked me.
And then I saw him walking in the lobby of the hotel, phoning and holding the bag like a real handbag haha it was cute.
After some time he left the hotel again, and saw me standing outside and he said; 'La bolsa, la bolsa! Me encanta, great!!' He was referring to the bag I gave him for Shakira.
None of them returned before I had to catch a Cab, in order to go to the bus station to get the bus going back to Rotterdam, Holland.

It was an amazing day, I'll never forget it and she was so cute!!!"

credit shakira.com foro oficial estos fans suertudos

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