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5 Reasons The Voice 2013’s Sasha Allen Will Win Season 4

Now that we’re down to the Top 6 on The Voice 2013, it’s easy to see who the front runners are in the competition. And from the moment Team Shakira’s Sasha Allen stepped on stage in her gorgeous red dress during the blind auditions and sang the craziest version of a Dixie Chicks song we’ve ever heard, we knew she’d be in the finals.
This beauty started off the show on Team Adam Levine, but was stolen by Shakira in the battle rounds after losing to Amber Carrington. She may have lost the battle, but she’ll likely go on to win the war. Here’s why:
1) Her Magical Pipes
Homegirl can sang. Her voice seems to have this otherworldly quality in which there’s no such thing as a “high” note. Give her a phone book or give her 20 key changes, it doesn’t matter. She makes it all look effortless.
2) Her Crossover Potential
Sasha has a history with Broadway and has managed to sing country, pop, and ‘60s and ‘80s hits without a glitch. In each of her performances you can always tell that it’s a Sasha Allen rendition without taking a single glance at the TV. Her voice simply adapts to any genre without a second thought.
Shakira and Sasha Allen
Credit: Twitter
 Shakira and Sasha Allen
3) Her Creativity
Sasha’s most memorable performance to date was her rendition of Emeli Sande’s “Next to Me.” The best part? She sang it a whole key higher than the original! Sasha is always adding creative touches to make her covers stand out, which makes us more likely to buy her singles on iTunes.
4) Her Experience
This girl has been in the business for quite some time. She was in the cult classic film Camp, performed in Hair on Broadway, and was a backup singer for former Voice coach Christina Aguilera! A seasoned veteran like Sasha brings invaluable experience to the table that could help her post-Voice potential.
5) Her Connection to Her Coach
As we mentioned before, Sasha was stolen by Shakira after losing a battle on Team Adam, and it was the best possible thing to happen to her. It’s so clear that Shakira loves Sasha and is willing to do anything for her artist. Just last week Shakira exploded in a fit of passion when Sasha made it through to the next round. Any coach that cares that much about their contestant is the right person for the job. Their strong working relationship can only mean good things for Sasha down the line.
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