viernes, 21 de marzo de 2014

Fotos: Shakira dio una entrevista para el programa CBS Sunday Morning.

Are you a fan? traveled to to find out what drives the superstar. (9A ET).
Building schools for underprivileged children in Columbia, Haiti and South Africa has given singer-songwriter-philanthropist Shakira’s life purpose, she tells Lee Cowan in an interview for CBS SUNDAY MORNING WITH CHARLES OSGOOD, to be broadcast March 23 (9:00 AM, ET) on the CBS Television Network.
“I had a plan. I wanted to become relevant,” Shakira tells Cowan. “I always felt that I could make a change, a difference, even if it was a small difference - I knew that I could do something, you know?”
That “something” started in the “Hips Don’t Lie” singer’s home country of Colombia, where not far from the bright tourist areas Shakira saw kids growing up “abandoned without any chance” of getting a fair shot at success.
 “It’s crazy,” Shakira says. “What do we expect from these children, then, in the future? Where are they going to end up? In prisons, in gangs?”
 Since creating her organization, the Barefoot Foundation, named after her first major label album, Shakira has built six schools in Colombia, and funded one in Haiti and another in South Africa.
 “This fulfills me in another way, a deeper set of ways,” she says of the foundation.
 “I always ask myself, what was the real purpose to my life? I always knew it was not to shake it endlessly, you know what I mean?” she adds, shaking her hips – something her millions of fans are familiar with. “There had to be more to it, and this is part of it.”
 Outside of her foundation, Shakira is a judge on the popular reality competition, “The Voice,” and the mother of a young son, Milan, whose father is Spanish soccer star Gerard Pique.  “The happiness that I’ve found with this man and in this family that I know I have, man, I was searching for that my entire life,” Shakira says. “I was feeling so alone. It was awful, and now I’m in a good place, and I want to, I’ll defend that against anything, really.”
Is marriage in the future?  “If I have to marry because someone said, ‘Shakira, this is the only way you can be in a relationship,’ I would marry him in a second,” Shakira tells Cowan. “He’s the one.”
Cowan’s interview with Shakira is part of CBS SUNDAY MORNING’s annual finance-themed episode, “The Money Issue.”

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