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Shakira ha respodido las preguntas sobre educación durante un chat con Arne Duncan

Society can allow children to flourish by giving them quality early development.
Recap today's live Q&A on early education / Resumen del de hoy sobre educación temprana ShakHQ
RT 's Commissioner on Early Learning:
Gracias a todos por haber participado en este , por sus preguntas y sus comentarios. Besos. Shak
Thanks for your dedication and continued efforts. Talk soon! -Shak
Thanks to everyone for participating and your thoughtful questions and input. -Shak
In Col with our schools we’ve seen crime rates drop & gangs disband. Kids who'd have been recruited are on the way to univ.
Preschool costs ~ $8k per year per child. Juvenile detention costs ~ $90k per year per child. Again-numbers don’t lie.
Why is more 0-3 investment so critical for closing the income-based achievement gap? What's next step?
It’s key to have comprehensive programs, teacher training, AND work with the parents to work in challenging environments
How can education change a baby‘s life if its environment isn‘t good?

. De 0 a 3, todos los niños son genios lingüísticos por su plasticidad cerebral. A través de los idiomas enseñamos la globalidad
Te parece importante que los ninos aprendan varios idiomas ? Por que y a partir de que edad deberian hacerlo ?
. poverty is perpetuated by the lack of opportunities like universal access to quality ed. Education is a birthright-not a luxury
. spending time with their kids, sending them to school early, giving them nutrition, stimulation and love
What is the #1 thing families can do to promote their child's early education?
Can you really improve the situation without dealing with poverty, the root of this problem first?
. Porqué he visto los milagros que logra en niños, familias, y comunidades enteras en Colombia y en otros países donde trabajamos
Para Ti Porque Es Inportante La Educacion?
. Cualquier niño puede aprender idiomas antes de los 3-a Milan lo exponemos al esp, catalán, ing, francés, aleman, ruso,chino
¿Se le puede enseñar a nuestros niños de primera infancia en dos idiomas? Por ejemplo, inglés y español
. teaching them that education is an equalizer that gives us all the same chances no matter what conditions we’re born into
Shakira what are ways we can teach our children the importance of education so they can do their best in succeeding thank u
Agree! RT . Please challenge all political leaders to invest in high quality learning opportunities for children 0-5.
. education turns kids into productive citizens, is proven to boost GDPs of nations, and promotes global security and stability.
Why do you believe that education is the key to a better world?
. Chile's model increased funds for ECD & schools , virtually eliminated illiteracy & drastically improved teacher training
. Fund. pies descalzos es parte de una alianza con el gob. Nal. "Primero lo primero". Abriremos 24 centros de DIT para 2016!
. showing leaders how early ed gives back & sharing success stories of transformed communities strengthens the case for investing
. what, in your opinion, is the best way to motivate communities to invest in early education?
. Zip code & family background should never determine ed quality. Education must be the great equalizer
. kids are able 2 comprehend more than we think-It’s never too early 2 start teaching&exposing them to books even as newborns
if you could change one thing in education system, what would it be?
What does the investment in early ed look like in Colombia?
. growing up surrounded by inequality made me intolerant to it, & research showed me that education was the solution to it
What influenced you into devoting so much of your life to education and early education?  
¿Por qué todos debemos reconocer que la Educación Temprana es en la actualidad un tema de mucha importancia?
. hemos aprendido que se debe educar desde los inicios para poder solventar los desafíos que se encuentran mas adelante
. de acuerdo. faltan mas escuelas en los campos, mas compromisos de los gobiernos y el sector privado. Hay que presionar
por que no se hace una campaña para la construccion y remodelación de escuelas en zonas rurales? Así mejorar la educ
. babies have an innate thirst for knowledge and enjoy learning-making it fun through focused play is another way of bonding.
. My biggest question/concern is how to keep joy and play in Early Ed in this era of testing/standards.
. Every $1 invested in early ed for disadvantaged kids has a return of at least 10% & reduces social spending. Numbers don’t lie!
is there a way to distribute funds to the more needy schools. I believe the return on the dollar would be the highest there.
Investing in education is the key to eradicating poverty, but where do you think our primary focus should be?
. In ECD, bc kids who access it are better prepared to learn through primary, secondary & higher ed, and thrive throughout life
. unequal access to ed. affects nations rich & poor, but in the US school dropouts will be reduced by increasing ECD programs
What r the major ECD differences in poor countries vs rich countries & how can we learn from each other?
. se desarrollan aptitudes cognitivas, motrices, sociales y de conducta que resultan en ninos exitosos en la escuela y la vida
¿Cuáles son las aptitudes que se adquieren con la educación temprana? Gracias.
. now I know that i'm my child’s first educator-spending time teaching him is so key since his brain is rapidly developing.
How do you see the education now you're mum?
. Thank you for having me and taking the time to chat about an issue that’s close to both your heart & mine. Shak
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