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Shakira respondió las preguntas de sus fans gracias a la cuenta de twitter de Fisher Price!

Thanks so much for all your questions on 's Twitter. Was great chatting with you guys. Shak
“My turning point came when I was 8.” about her philanthropy on Tuesday during our live Q&A!
Find out which lullaby loves to sing to her son! your questions tomorrow @ 1pm EST!
“My son drums when he hears music he loves!” about life with a toddler tomorrow during our live Q&A!
What’s been the most rewarding part of parenthood for ? your Q’s today @ 1pm EST!
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Hi Shakira! How has motherhood helped you evolve as a person?
. it's made me more disciplined w/ my time, more forgiving w/ myself and others & I'm humbled by how much I still learn every day
¿Qué características destacarías de la gama de juguetes que presentas con ?
. Que están enfocados en el desarrollo infantil temprano y que cuentan con música con una influencia global
With ur new baby on the way,what are some things u learned with ur 1st child that u will change this time?
. To enjoy the little moments, be present and not to stress over the small things. -Shak
¿Que juegos le implementas a Milán para que adquiera más habilidades y destrezas?
. Cuando era muy bebé buscaba juguetes que ayudaban a fomentar las habilidades motrices como anillos apilables
When Milan makes beats on the drums, do you think he understands the rhythm of music?
. Yes! I love sharing music with him. I think babies naturally connect with rhythm. -Shak
what's your favorite toy when you're at Milan's age?
. I loved my blocks w/letters. I remember them so clearly, & they were the inspiration for my new blocks. -Shak
. :) yes, that’s definitely his Caribbean side. He loves being outside connecting with nature & animals. -Shak
Why do you think it’s important for both you and your child to play together?
. in the very early stages playing together serves multiple functions: It's a time for learning, stimulating and bonding.
. It shows you a whole new dimension of love, and wonder at life. -Shak
Te inspiraste en Milán para diseñar juguetes?
. Sí! me inspiré viéndolo jugar, me di cuenta de que los juguetes pueden ayudar a fomentar el desarrollo
. Of course! His favorite toy is the blocks. -Shak
. I feel it’s important to be authoritative, but I always make sure my son feels loved, valued & protected. -Shak
. Toys play a key role in a baby’s development. I approached F-P because of our shared passion for ECD. -Shak
. to value time spent with family, their education and to be inspired to work for change where they see injustices
What’s your favorite way to spend time with your child?
. what I most enjoy is the time spent teaching him new things. I feel it's when I discover the most about him as a person. Shak
. We’re just getting started. I’m excited about what we have coming in '15 & new ideas we’ve yet to develop. -Shak
. I’ve always been close to my parents. I’m appreciative of the values they taught me & I’m sharing w/ my son. -Shak
para ti que debe tener un juego para motivar la capacidad intelectual de un niño?
. juguetes que estimulan los sentidos con colores, texturas y sonidos son muy útiles en los primeros meses de vida
. Expose her to languages that will be useful. Babies at this age are linguistic geniuses, they absorb so much! -Shak
Thanks for all your questions on one of my favorite topics / Muchas gracias por sus preguntas sobre uno de mis temas favoritos! Shak
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