martes, 11 de julio de 2017

Foto: shakira con Justin Trudeau de Canada durante el Global Citizen Festival!

2 h
With PM Justin Trudeau of Canada, discussing Canada’s feminist international assistance policy, girls’ education, and how we can do more! Shak
¡Las entradas para el concierto de en Bilbao ya están disponibles! Tienes que vivir 🙌
demonstrates progress toward the promise of for all. & Gordon Brown on this win for youth:
to 's amazing speech last week. With 145,000+ voices behind her, turns out the *was* with her. ✊
Loving this poster in Antwerp! Nos encanta este poster de El Dorado World Tour en Amberes! ShakHQ
"The power to create change doesn't lie in the hands of only a few" -
Stopped by to visit this gigantic billboard. Nothing but respect for MY president.

Get 🎟 to see on her ! Only get you in. Guaranteed. ✅
Althea is the cutest thing!!! Shak CC:

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