jueves, 6 de julio de 2017

Fotos: Shakira y Coldplay cantando en el global citizen! (6 de julio)

Join & tell world leaders to fund global education so we can get every child in school by 2030:

on the world stage: & others work to make kids a priority.
Awesome night with Chris Martin and !!! / Una noche espectacular con Chris Martin y Coldplay!!! Shak

“[IFFEd] could mean $10b annually for education. That could change the game for millions of kids around the world.” –

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"We are not going to ignore those 263 million kids who can’t access an education." –Commissioner

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"Over 145,00 of you told countries to take action on . That’s powerful and inspiring." –Commissioner

Check out our Story live from Hamburg, over on Shak's Instagram! ShakHQ
Tune into the live stream, where Shak will soon be talking about the importance of education ShakHQ
Sintonicen con la transmisión en vivo del . Shak hablará pronto sobre la importancia de la educación. SHQ
Together, we've got education on the agenda for the Summit. Now let's make sure world leaders :
. y se unen a desde Hamburgo, Alemania. No te puedes perder este gran momento en .

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